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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mixed Cuppies for Wardina


Finally, get the chance to update this blog. he-he...This week is quite a hectic week for me...So here we go:

Wardina ordered 2 dozens of chocolate cuppies with buttercream icing

She requested for some fondants on them with Tazmanian Devils picture, Mickey mouse, bags and car. Honestly, I'm not good in fondant he-he but if u request it then I'll try my best to make it for u :)...

I used some jelly on the cuppies....:)
So all the cuppies cost her @ $21/-

I decided to make mickey mouse head and minnie Mouse he-he sorry War for the Mickey Mouse picture

I made some minis Playhouse disney head and put them next to the Mickey's picture...and that's Tazmanian Devil sitting next to Mickey ;p

...and that was supposed to be Minnie's head ;p he-he...

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