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Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday orders from Auntie Hartini :D

Hi everyone! :)

Yesterday I made 200 pieces of mixed cuppies ordered by Tirah's mum for her son Ajis's 11th Birthday. They ordered 4 different types which consists of 50 pieces of medium sized Vanilla cuppies with nutella fillings and Buttercream frosting, 50 pieces Chocolate Chips cuppies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, 50 pieces of Chocolate Brownies and 50 pieces of....;) I'll let u know soon...

So yeah, big thanks to my sisters for helping me out with the preparations ;D....

I decided to put Happy B'day to ajis on the Vanilla, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Brownies since they wanted any thing nice and colourful....

Vanilla Cuppies + Nutella Fillings with Buttercream Icing

I put candles on them as well...blue, white and yellow candles

I drew two Naruto's character using Marzipan as Ajis loves Naruto according to his sister ;)..and I also put a mini blue car with his name written on it....

I used a lot of blue colours as the colour theme since it's a boy birthday party....

The remaining Vanilla Cuppies in another box.

I forgot to take pictures of the box of Chocolate Chips Cuppies that I wrote Ajis's happy b'day on them! :(
These were the Chocolate Chips cuppies in other box....

Chocolate Brownies and Happy B'day wording for Ajis using Marshmallows

Another box of Chocolate Brownies
...and the 4th types of cakes they ordered were...............

keep scrolling down....;)

They ordered 50 sticks of Strawberry Lolli-bites


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