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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cupcakes ordered by teachers in school ;)


Yesterday I baked 3 dozens of cuppies ordered by Raewyn, Cgu Hjh Mahani & Cgu Rosni...;D

Raewyn asked for Sports theme cuppies, so I decided to make these:

She asked for rugby ball, so I made a small tiny rugby using marzipan, basketball using cream cheese and some marzipan for the lines and marshmallow for the base ball :)

It was for her friend's Court birthday tonight....


Next is Cigu Hjh Mahani's ordered half dozens of Chocolate Cuppies & half dozens of Vanilla Cuppies both with Nutella fillings and Cream Cheese frostings..

Too bad that I forgot to take Cgu Rosni's cuppies :(( since I was in a hurry to give it to her...She ordered Chocolate Chips cuppies with Cream Cheese frostings....
I'll update you with Wardina's cuppies tomorrow yeah since I'm really sleepy at the moment :s hehe...gonna bake some more tomorrow for Amoi's friend...will update ;)..

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