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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mix three for BB's sister

One of my friend ordered from me. She ordered strawberry cuppies with buttercream icing, raspberry cuppies with the same icing and 2 dozens of Lollibites for her nieces. Have a sweet look :)


The first set were for her nephew and nieces (I guessed :P) Azrin, Maya and Alia...These were the 1 dozen Strawberry Cuppies with Buttercream Icing

Small Size - $10 per dozen

The next set was for her sister who had just moved in to her new house and she wanted them to be purple theme ;)

Medium Size - $12 per dozen

...and the last one were for her nieces I guessed so I made them funky and colourful

$6 @ 12 sticks for Chocolate Coating

Batches of Love! ;D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Burgers Burgers!

$12 for 9 pieces

Cuppies for Amoi

$12 for a dozen (Medium size)

It was for Amoi's birthday last 22nd July 2009...:) Happy Belated B'day Lai!!....She requested for bikini's :P, balloons hehe...P/S sorry lai for the bikini's...I didn't take the other 2 boxes of her orders since I didn't have time hu-hu


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday cuppieburgers

The cuppieburgers were for my bestfriend's birthday last week 17th July....I was blank and out of time thinking what to give her for her birthday then I just came up with these little surprise ;D.....!

Maybe u want to make something different for someone's birthday, u could try these ;)...


16-cuppiecake! ;D

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cuppies for many occassions


These below pictures were ordered by a good friend of mine Wal...Thank you my dear ;)...She ordered mix flavours of cuppies (Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate Chip) and Lollibites ;)

3 oz @ $28 (small size cuppies)

The heart shapes were white chocolates :)...Wal requested for some of the designs that I made in my last post. All the cuppies are frosted with cream cheese.
Note: Additional 50cents for white chocolates decorations :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cuppies for Neech and Eqa


Atlast I'm up for more pictures of cuppies after a while....Tq to 1 of u for suggesting to put up prices here...I really appreciate it :).....I won't put up all the prices of everything here bcoz u can email me then I'll give u the whole list or contact me k but I will try to put prices of the cuppies, cakes and Lollibites in every new post k ;)....tnx again for that suggestions k :) I'll think about it again.

Made cuppies for Neech last Saturday...requested for a design that I made for my friend Dea from my previous post :)...She ordered 2 oz of medium sized Chocolate Cuppies with Cream Cheese which is $22/- @ 25 pieces....Tq neech


Last Friday, I made 2 oz of small size Chocolate Chips Cuppies at $18/- @ 25 pieces ordered by Eqa, my sister's friend....She ordered for her birthday celebration well I'm quite sure :) and she requested for cherry and Hello Kitty...Huhu sorry Eqa for ur Hello Kitty yeah...tq

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Elo everyone!!!

I've been trying to get into this blog several times!!! but the connections lately is just urgh~ slow! :s .....Ok first of all I would like to announce several things:
  1. Cuppieburgers are ready for sale ;).....the price is $10 for 8 pieces.

However, there will be promotion starting 15th July until 31st July for:

  • Cuppieburgers - Buy 8 pieces and get free 1 piece of Cuppieburger ;D

  • Lollibites - Buy a dozen of any flavours will get 3 sticks for free,

  • Cupcakes - Buy a dozen of small cuppies, you can choose either 2 sticks of Lollibites (only 1 flavour) OR 1 piece of Cuppieburger and...

  • Cupcakes - Buy a dozen of Medium size cuppies, you can choose either 4 sticks of Lollibites (1 flavour) OR 2 pieces of Cuppieburgers for free ;)

2. There is NEW Flavour for Lollibites! - Chocolate Mint Flavour ;)


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birthday cake


Last Friday, there was an order for birthday cake from Nisa & Bella. They ordered for Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache in a rectangle shape for their brother's b'day. Well I'm not really good in making birthday cakes I tell u I'm still learning heheh..but I'll try if u want to ;)....I adore the professional work of Citscake, Bunny Pablo....;D....

I decorated them with Marshmallows, White chocolates , M&M's.....;D