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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lolli-bites on sale ;D

Here we go............;)

I'm selling new menu at the moment 'Lolli-bites'

I did post some of my Lolli-bites pictures in my last post ;). So this post I just want to tell you the price for my new on sale Lolli-bites.....

There are 3 flvours available, choices of:




Price: $1 for 4 sticks of Lolli-bites (Minimum order is 2 dozens Lolli-bites)
The price will be until June 2009.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday orders from Auntie Hartini :D

Hi everyone! :)

Yesterday I made 200 pieces of mixed cuppies ordered by Tirah's mum for her son Ajis's 11th Birthday. They ordered 4 different types which consists of 50 pieces of medium sized Vanilla cuppies with nutella fillings and Buttercream frosting, 50 pieces Chocolate Chips cuppies with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, 50 pieces of Chocolate Brownies and 50 pieces of....;) I'll let u know soon...

So yeah, big thanks to my sisters for helping me out with the preparations ;D....

I decided to put Happy B'day to ajis on the Vanilla, Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Brownies since they wanted any thing nice and colourful....

Vanilla Cuppies + Nutella Fillings with Buttercream Icing

I put candles on them as well...blue, white and yellow candles

I drew two Naruto's character using Marzipan as Ajis loves Naruto according to his sister ;)..and I also put a mini blue car with his name written on it....

I used a lot of blue colours as the colour theme since it's a boy birthday party....

The remaining Vanilla Cuppies in another box.

I forgot to take pictures of the box of Chocolate Chips Cuppies that I wrote Ajis's happy b'day on them! :(
These were the Chocolate Chips cuppies in other box....

Chocolate Brownies and Happy B'day wording for Ajis using Marshmallows

Another box of Chocolate Brownies
...and the 4th types of cakes they ordered were...............

keep scrolling down....;)

They ordered 50 sticks of Strawberry Lolli-bites


Friday, April 24, 2009

Brownies for Lynnie ;D...and cuppies for my sister..

Hi again! :)

Yesterday, Lynnie ordered a dozen of Brownies and requested for initials on it.

The brownies price is $7 @ 9 pieces..but so far people request them for a dozen and that would be $9 @ 12 pieces

I wanted to use cream frosting on the brownies at first but then I thought it would just looks like the cuppies so I used white chocolate for the initials...
Next, my sister ordered 2 dozens of cuppies...Vanilla Cuppies + Nutella fillings and Chocolate Cuppies...All of them frosted with Cream Cheese Frosting...

It costs $20/-...

I sprinkled them with Red and Green sugars

I have some more orders for Sunday so I won't be taking any more orders for tomorrow :)...

There are some pictures I haven't transfer from my cam yet, I'll update u again with that. I made 4 dozens for Amoi's friend last week Sunday and my close friend Jan.

Lots of Love,

Mixed Cuppies for Wardina


Finally, get the chance to update this blog. he-he...This week is quite a hectic week for me...So here we go:

Wardina ordered 2 dozens of chocolate cuppies with buttercream icing

She requested for some fondants on them with Tazmanian Devils picture, Mickey mouse, bags and car. Honestly, I'm not good in fondant he-he but if u request it then I'll try my best to make it for u :)...

I used some jelly on the cuppies....:)
So all the cuppies cost her @ $21/-

I decided to make mickey mouse head and minnie Mouse he-he sorry War for the Mickey Mouse picture

I made some minis Playhouse disney head and put them next to the Mickey's picture...and that's Tazmanian Devil sitting next to Mickey ;p

...and that was supposed to be Minnie's head ;p he-he...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cupcakes ordered by teachers in school ;)


Yesterday I baked 3 dozens of cuppies ordered by Raewyn, Cgu Hjh Mahani & Cgu Rosni...;D

Raewyn asked for Sports theme cuppies, so I decided to make these:

She asked for rugby ball, so I made a small tiny rugby using marzipan, basketball using cream cheese and some marzipan for the lines and marshmallow for the base ball :)

It was for her friend's Court birthday tonight....


Next is Cigu Hjh Mahani's ordered half dozens of Chocolate Cuppies & half dozens of Vanilla Cuppies both with Nutella fillings and Cream Cheese frostings..

Too bad that I forgot to take Cgu Rosni's cuppies :(( since I was in a hurry to give it to her...She ordered Chocolate Chips cuppies with Cream Cheese frostings....
I'll update you with Wardina's cuppies tomorrow yeah since I'm really sleepy at the moment :s hehe...gonna bake some more tomorrow for Amoi's friend...will update ;)..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brownies & Cuppies for Chaa & her mother ;D

I made Brownies with chocolate Saucey for chaa last Sunday....they asked for a dozen of it ;) and also vanilla cuppies with nutella fillings and buttercream icing.

Chaa's mother asked for written initials "Ramlah", heard it was for her friend...So I made them like below pictures:

and finally in the box ;)~


..and below were the brownies with chocolate sauce:

I put some mini smarties, marshies and hearts on them...:)..


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday Cuppies


The next day I made 4 dozens of cuppies again for 3 orders by Erma, CT Rokiah & Amoi..

Erma asked for Vanilla Cuppies + Nutella fillings with Cream Cheese Frosting. I decided to do the theme Pink Heart & Blue theme :) and wrote With Love on the marshies

I sprinkled minis hearty on the blue cuppies...

...and it ends in the box :)


while CT Rokiah ordered Chocolate Cuppies with Cream Cheese Frosting...She asked for any themes as well so I made Pink&Brown theme...

since I used Marshies on Erma's cuppies, I used mini Smarties on CT Rokiah's cuppies :)

and the cuppies go in a box......:)


The last story for this post is Amoi's friend orders. They ordered for 2 dozens of Chocolate Cuppies with Buttercream Icing

They requested for Blue and Green theme...

I'll be making brownies and Vanilla Cuppies tomorrow for Chaa... ;)
will tell once I'm done....

Chocolate Vanilla Cuppies ordered by Lynnie

Hola :),

Last Thursday I made a dozen of mix Chocolate & Vanilla Cuppies with two different icings :)...It was ordered by Mummy Hanan's daughter.

The orange cuppies were Chocolate Cuppies with Peanut Butter Icing...

...and the blue were Vanilla Cuppies with Cream Cheese icing

I put a heart marshie, marshmallow I mean :) on the first initial L

I decided to use orange colour since I haven't use much of that colour on my cuppies :) So it was bright and I mixed them with green..
to be continue...xoxo

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cuppy, Cuppy and Cuppy ;)

Hola again,

Yesterday I made cuppies again but not the normal one, the Ice-cream cones cuppies which I made for my nephews and nieces as I promised...

At the same time, I also made Chocolate Brownies and Topped them with Chocolate Saucey!..and its on sale too ;)...

There is another order for this week just one dozen so far, so I'll bake most probably this coming Thursday or Friday...;)