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Thursday, May 28, 2009


How do you feel today? ;)

Hi Hi Hi,
Sorry for the slow updates. Been having a hectic week so far settling things before leaving Uni huhu...So, I don't really sit down in front of my lappy and update the blog. This post is going to be a bit long since I'm trying to put all in one :P...

I was quite surprised that some ordered for expressions lollies :) which I did it for fun. So yeah, there was an order from Nisa's brother yesterday requested for the expressions and another from Jeeds which I didn't have time to take photos of it :(...

More expressions Lollies ;D


Ordered by Amal :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ordered by Jeeds


More for Nisa

There were some, well more than 5 orders that I forgot to take pictures of ! :(... not forgetting, I wanna say big thanks to those who ordered cuppies n lollibites since I can't remember when.

Lots of Love!,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More for Cikgu Rosni

Cikgu Rosni ordered more chocolate chip cuppies, her favourite one. She ordered last week as well but I didn't get the chance to post it huhu... ;)


Girls theme cuppies for Cikgu Dk Asra's daughter :)

Hi everyone!

Cikgu Dk Asra ordered 3 dozens of Victoria Cuppies with Strawberry fillings last week for her daughter's birthday Syifa Al-Huda (a unique name :) )....She wanted for anything girlish, then I used purple, pink and white theme colour for the cuppies ;)

Glad that Cikgu Dk Asra liked the cuppies.
The Victoria Cuppies are actually top with strawberry sauce and cream only but since Cikgu Asra requested for the cuppies with design so I used buttercream icing and I put the strawberry inside :)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lolli-bites for everyone

Hi! Hi!

This was an order from Mizah, one of Amoi's friend last Sunday:

Many expressions of Lolli-bites ;D

Nisa also ordered 24 sticks of Lolli-bites yesterday, I decided to use some pink on her lolli-bites ;)

Lolli-bites in Pink :D
Cikgu Hjh Jun ordered for her daughter's birthday

There were some more lolli-bites ordered by Zhoe Wyn and more by Cikgu Hjh Jun that I didn't take the photos!! :(

Notes from 16-cuppiecake:
- Please be reminded that the promotion price for Lolli-bites will last on the 1st of June 2009. I'll inform you the new price soon.
- Now you can choose your own colour for the decorations. Colours depends on the availability :)...


Monday, May 18, 2009

Lolli-bites ordered by Dk Azeyana


Sorry for the late update!...

Last week, there was an order from Dk Azeyana requesting for her brother's engagement..So she asked for Chocolate and Vanilla Lolli-bites as a gift?I'm quite sure he-he...Something different for someone's special day ;)....
Dk ordered 80 sticks, 40 sticks for her brother, the other half for her family I think :)..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple wedding cake..

On the same day Kaka Amal ordered the mother's day cake, it was my cousin's wedding day. My sister and I were clueless on what to give her so I decided to make a simple wedding cake for her he-he...It was my first though..

Simple Wedding cake for Kaka Bb

I just wrote a simple Selamat Pengantin Baru to her and her hubby...
Congrats to thte newly weds...

Glad that my cousin's love the cake....:)


Mother's Day cake...

Hello again!....

Last Sunday 10th of May, it was mother's day celebrations. There was an order from Kaka Amal. She asked for the same flavour like I made for Aqillah which was the Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Cheese Frosting.....I used pastel colours and flower designs as her mom loves flowers

Mother's Day cake ordered by Kaka Amal

I put a simple purple coloured flower on the cake


Kaka Amal also ordered 16-cuppiecake mixed Lolli-bites!....;D


Friday, 8th May

Friday the 8th of May, I made 3 orders from Aqillah. She ordered a Heartshape Chocolate Birthday Cake,mixed Lolli-bites and a dozen of Vanilla Cuppies for her Boyfriend's 23rd Birthday. As for the Birthday cake, Aqillah asked for anything nice. So I decided to make her this......

Aqillah's Order
Since it was for her boyfriend, I don't want the cake to look girlish so I decided to made checkers at the side of the cake and for the other side I put 'Luv U owez' and '23' as requested by Aqillah....It was a Chocolate Birthday cake with White Chocolate Cheese Frosting..
Aqillah's Vanilla Cuppies
For the cuppies I made a simple road with two road signs on it...
Aqillah's Lolli-bites

Below is an army of Lolli-bites were ordered by Ka Amal, so I just wrote a simple Lolli-bites...hehe..

There were also two dozens of Chocolate Brownies ordered by Amoi's friend for Mother''s Day but I couldn't find the pictures :(

16cuppies is back...


Sorry for the late updates....Really busy with my cousin's wedding, works, and orders...I made quite a number of orders for the rest of the week last week. Last Thursday, I made mixed Lolli-bites for Cikgu Lela ;D. It was for her cousin's birthday...

Lolli-bites for Cikgu Lela

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heart Cuppies!

Hi Everyone,

Haven't update this blog for a while since I'm quite busy with my days....
I made a dozen of Vanilla Cuppies for my cuzzy Amoi's friends last Sunday 3rd ...They asked for any designs so I made them my favourite shape "Heart Shape":)

The Many Faces of Hearts......

A boy and a girl with a string he-he...

......I made a lil tag for them as well :)

They also ordered Chocolate Lollibites for their own he-he....

I have some more orders for the rest of the week, so I'll my best to update you as soon as I can ;)

Lots of Love,