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Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday, 8th May

Friday the 8th of May, I made 3 orders from Aqillah. She ordered a Heartshape Chocolate Birthday Cake,mixed Lolli-bites and a dozen of Vanilla Cuppies for her Boyfriend's 23rd Birthday. As for the Birthday cake, Aqillah asked for anything nice. So I decided to make her this......

Aqillah's Order
Since it was for her boyfriend, I don't want the cake to look girlish so I decided to made checkers at the side of the cake and for the other side I put 'Luv U owez' and '23' as requested by Aqillah....It was a Chocolate Birthday cake with White Chocolate Cheese Frosting..
Aqillah's Vanilla Cuppies
For the cuppies I made a simple road with two road signs on it...
Aqillah's Lolli-bites

Below is an army of Lolli-bites were ordered by Ka Amal, so I just wrote a simple Lolli-bites...hehe..

There were also two dozens of Chocolate Brownies ordered by Amoi's friend for Mother''s Day but I couldn't find the pictures :(

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