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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chocolate Chips Cuppies~

Last Friday I baked 3 dozens of Chocolate Chips Cuppies with Cream Cheese Frosting for Cikgu Hjh and Cikgu Rosni...:)

I made Butterfly theme garden for Cikgu Hjh Jun:


as for Cikgu Rosni, the cuppies were for her niece or nephew I'm quite sure, so I made them Garden theme and for the other box I made Sea theme with Starfishes, a crab and two lil fishes hehe...

hand-made cuppy tag
I also made 6 dozens of Chocolate Brownies order by Amoi's friend and my sister's friend Kaka Fizah
This one above was for Kaka Fizah and she asked for wordings

'Happy Bday To Daddy & Qasrina From Mummy"

So I put an elmo there NOT using Marzipan or fondant but using

White Chocolate and Marshmallow and I coloured them red.....according to

my sister the daughter loves Elmo..... So yeah the Elmo is sweet since its white chocolate :)
Got to bake some more tomorrow for my regular customers, Amoi's frenzies hehe...

Happy Cuppy! ;)


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