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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy New Year From 16-cuppiecake

Salam and Hello to all my fellow readers! I would like to say Happy New Year and may you all have a blessing new year. I am really sorry for those who wanted to make an order for this week, I will start to take orders only for:

  • 5th of February, (Full)
  • 11th February, (Full)
  • 18th - 21st February, (Full) and
  • 25th - 28th February ;) (Full)
Note: I will update you with my schedule for March 2010. Dozens of Thanks!
What's new?Well there will be something new for this year but not at this particular moment :)

Contact me through email or text me straight away to my phone to place your order now for the stated dates above!

New Year's Love!

16-cuppiecake ;)