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Thursday, May 28, 2009


How do you feel today? ;)

Hi Hi Hi,
Sorry for the slow updates. Been having a hectic week so far settling things before leaving Uni huhu...So, I don't really sit down in front of my lappy and update the blog. This post is going to be a bit long since I'm trying to put all in one :P...

I was quite surprised that some ordered for expressions lollies :) which I did it for fun. So yeah, there was an order from Nisa's brother yesterday requested for the expressions and another from Jeeds which I didn't have time to take photos of it :(...

More expressions Lollies ;D


Ordered by Amal :)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ordered by Jeeds


More for Nisa

There were some, well more than 5 orders that I forgot to take pictures of ! :(... not forgetting, I wanna say big thanks to those who ordered cuppies n lollibites since I can't remember when.

Lots of Love!,

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