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Sunday, July 5, 2009


Elo everyone!!!

I've been trying to get into this blog several times!!! but the connections lately is just urgh~ slow! :s .....Ok first of all I would like to announce several things:
  1. Cuppieburgers are ready for sale ;).....the price is $10 for 8 pieces.

However, there will be promotion starting 15th July until 31st July for:

  • Cuppieburgers - Buy 8 pieces and get free 1 piece of Cuppieburger ;D

  • Lollibites - Buy a dozen of any flavours will get 3 sticks for free,

  • Cupcakes - Buy a dozen of small cuppies, you can choose either 2 sticks of Lollibites (only 1 flavour) OR 1 piece of Cuppieburger and...

  • Cupcakes - Buy a dozen of Medium size cuppies, you can choose either 4 sticks of Lollibites (1 flavour) OR 2 pieces of Cuppieburgers for free ;)

2. There is NEW Flavour for Lollibites! - Chocolate Mint Flavour ;)


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