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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos I haven't upload :(


One of my sister's good friend Kaka Akma ordered 5 dozens of cuppies for a function. She asked for any flavour then I made her the Chocolate Cuppies and Chocolate Chip Cuppies ;D with Cream Cheese Frosting....
$10/dozen (small size)
The one below was ordered by Amoi's teacher last time for sports day in her school. She requested for 200 sticks blue theme Mixed Lollibites with 'Go Melor!' on them ;D It really took time for that amount heh Thank God I managed to finish them on time...hu-hu...But yeah thanks alot to the teacher ;)

Chocolate Coating Lollibites - $6/dozen
These cuppies were also ordered by another teacher of Amoi ;)


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