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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hola, sorry for missing in action hehe...I keep on going out since the holiday started...I tried to update the post last week but I just couldn't. Whenever I get home, I just went straight to my bedroom hehe..enough talking about me (I'll update more about me in my own personal blog;p)...so yeah, below cuppy was the one that I made for my friend before the holiday for her and her boyfriend ;)...so I made it simple as she wants it simple.

Yesterday I made a quick express cupcakes for my cousins. They ordered their favourite ones Vanilla Cupcakes with Nutella fillings...Lets go...;D-->


I would like to wish belated birthday to Zhoewynz ;D...Hope you had a blast on your birthday last Monday....All the best in everything

P/s: Nanti ur hadiah ah hhehehehe .....


Going to bake more cupcakes most probably later for someone ;)...


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